Steven was invited to present his Master’s Thesis at a conference in Paris, and this was exciting news for both of us because I was thrilled for a vacation in Europe.

The preparation for an international trio has only gotten more hectic since the pandemic, but it is still just as exciting.

Here is some of my preparation for the trip

  • A small suitcase that can be either a checked bag, or a carry on. (Usually I always do carry-on to limit the time spent waiting for bags in the airport, but when I am flying to my destination in the summer I find I need to check a bag so I can accommodate sunscreens and such. However, keeping a suitecase small still allows for easier travel especially in Europe)
  • Make sure you have a good travel credit card, my current preference in a Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • I like to organize all of my reservations into a particular email for easy access
  • Make a packing list early – you will change that list many times prior to your departure, but when you leave you will not have the feeling that you are forgetting something at home
  • When you are getting ready for the trip try to look at inspiration pictures online to see what the fashion is like at your destination.
  • Get a reliable (and cute) document holder – I have a passport book where I can also store my vaccination cards. Some destinations that have many pickpockets, I also buy a belt to wear under my clothing

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